I am a full-stack pharmacist. I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in QC/QA for more than 9 years and in RA for 2 year. I also have experience in pharmacy. I love making websites, interested in Internet Marketing and technology, making websites and SEO as my hobby.


Khon Kaen University (2008 – 2013)
Bachelor of pharmacy – B.Pharm, Pharmacy

RAPAT: Pharmacy Professional Certificate in Drug Registration Document Management.(Aug – Dec 2023)


Patar Lab Part., Ltd.

Full time: June 2013 – April 2014
Position: QC Pharmacist and assistant QA/RA manager; First jobber

Patar Lab (2517) Co., Ltd.

Full time: April 2014 – May 2016
Position: Acting Quality Control Manager and assistant QA/RA manager
Transfer from Phra Khanong Districtto Khlong 7 Lamlukka (new plant). Set up laboratory to achieve GMP in new plant.


Quality control of raw materials, packaging materials, in processing and finished products.
  • Prepare/Review/Update Specification.
  • Review and approve analytical results and BPR
  • Stability study planning and managing to achieve them.
  • Prepare stability protocol and report.
  • Provide the instrument calibration in defined period and maintain instrument in laboratory to be ready.
Quality Assurance
  • Manage and report the return product.
  • Collaborate with QA manager and related department for monitoring and reporting the deviation including related risk assessment and CAR/PAR system.
  • Change control and monitoring action plan.
  • Prepare data and report of annual product review
  • Method validation
  • Computer validation
  • Prepare/Review/Update SOPs and Forms.
  • Prepare registration document according to the assignment.
  • Micro assay, Enumeration test, Microbial contamination and related trend analysis.
Other assignments
  • Act as internal auditor.
  • Internal trainer

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (Flu Project)

Full time: Aug 2017 – Aug 2018
Position: QA Pharmacist
Joined the GPO influenza vaccine factory project during the IQ/OQ/PQ phase.


  • Co-working with engineer team to monitoring utility system
  • Performance Qualification WFI and Pure Steam system
  • IQ/OQ machine in utility system
  • Quality assurance of utility system to complies with PIC/s GMP

Dada Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Full time: Aug 2018 – Apr 2021
Position: Head of QC
Set up new laboratory and quality control system during the company changing ownership.


Set up laboratory and quality control system
  • Provide instrument and equipment for laboratory.
  • Training and establish a laboratory practice.
  • Prepare specification and SOPs in QC department.
  • Prepare job description in QC department.
Quality Assurance
  • Collaborate with Head of QA to investigate the cause of the deviation in QC and related CAR/PAR.
  • Collaborate with Head of QA to control the change control system in QC or change in other department affecting to QC.
  • Audit supplier
  • Manage instrument in laboratory e.g., maintenance and calibration, IQ/OQ
  • Stability study planning and managing to achieve them.
  • Prepare stability protocol and report.
  • Together with the R&D to provide a study of the stability of the newly registered drugs.
  • Collaborate with Head of QA to achieve process validation.
  • Method validation
  • Computer validation
  • Set up microbiology to complies with Biosafety and Biosecurity and GMP regulation.
  • Arrange Microbial limit test, Environmental monitoring, Growth promotion/Inhibitory test, Stock culture/Working culture, Suitability of enumeration test and Challenge test.
Other Responsibilities
  • OOS management
  • Provide and manage retained/reference sample system.
  • Manage Working/Reference standard.
  • Waste management

Animal Supplement & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Full time: May 2021 – Jan 2022
Position: QA Manager (Level 6-1; Assistant)


  • Manage QC/QA department and QA system (GMP GDP PIC/s, GHP/HACCP, ISO17025:2017).
  • Establish a GDP system for the vet product group and all subsidiary companies.
  • Support laboratory data for sale team.


Full time: Jan 2022 – Jul 2022
Position: QC/QA Consultant and Community pharmacist

As a QC/QA consultant for FEHALAB Co., Ltd. and set up new pharmacy for the board of FEHALAB Co., Ltd.

Lamthong Karnpat Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.

Full time: Aug 2022 – Present
Position: QS Manager (QC/QA) and RA Pharmacist

  • Manage QC/QA Department
  • Supervise the quality system of pharmaceutical (GMDP PIC/S), food and supplement (GMP420), Thai traditional medicine/Herbal product (GMP ASEAN) and Cosmetics (GMP)
  • Prepare documents and improve the register for drug registration renewal.
  • Prepare documents and submit for drug registration.
  • Other regulatory affair work

Other experiences

Kad Phranon

Volunteering: Jan 2014 – Dec 2018
Position: Public Relations Personnel

Jaslynsense Co., Ltd.

Self-employed: May 2016 – Dec 2019
Postion: Co-Founder

Central Watson Co., Ltd.

Part time: Jun 2016 – Dec 2020
Position: Pharmacist (Part time)

Morya Jaidee drugstore

Self-employed: Aug 2017 – Mar 2020
Postion: Co-Founder

BeDee Powered by BDMS

Part time: Aug 2022 – Present
Position: Telepharmacist


Part time: March 2024 – Present
Position: AI trainer

My Website

Webmaster, Columnist and Doing some SEO for fun

Self-employed: May 2016 – Present

Kad Phra Non

The website of Kad Phra Non (กาดพระนอน) which is a tourist attraction of Phrae, is a volunteer market. Open every Saturday 15.00 – 20.00
Link: https://www.kadphranon.com/
A blog

This website is for writing to share interesting stories, especially those of medicine, society, politics, knowledge around various things.
Link: https://www.itisablogsite.com/
To Be Pharmacist

Guidance for peopke who want to become pharmacists or interested in pharmacy. News and information in the field of Pharmacy
Link: https://www.tobepharmacist.com/

This website was originally a website of Jaslynsense Co., Ltd., which was founded with an ex-girlfriend but has since broken up. Nowadays, it is a blog to educate about health and beauty instead.
Link: https://www.jaslynsense.com/
Pitipat Diary

This site intends to write about the things that I have learned as well as other trifles that have come in my life.
Link: https://www.pitipatdiary.com/
Thai Pharma Item

This website was born from when I was at a pharmacy and thought that I should make a website that includes information on health products in Thailand. If I have time, I will try to update and post as much as I can. I also try to include things about Thai traditional medicine.
Link: https://thaipharmaitem.com/
Thai Travel Guides

This website provide information about Thai tourism in English.
Link: https://thaitravelguides.com/
Headphone Review

This website is for reviewing headphones and practicing writing and translating in English as well.
Link: https://headphone-review.com/
Thai Registration (Regulatory Affair)

This website is made with friends at the Thai FDA intends to provide information and knowledge about the registration and laws of health products, including giving advice.
Link: https://thai-registration.com/
Pray Together (สวดมนต์กัน)

This website intends to include various prayers and information about temples and monks.
Link: https://สวดมนต์กัน.com/

Licenses & Certifications

Pharmacy Professional License

The Pharmacy Council, Thailand
Issued: Apr 2013

Certificate of Biosafety and Biosecurity

Issued: Jul 2020
Expires: Jul 2023

Domestic GMP Inspection

Thai FDA
Issued: Aug 2020
Credential: ID M1-162

Good distribution practice

Thai FDA
Issued: Aug 2021
Credential ID: 0302/2564


Issued: Sep 2021
Credential ID: LDI.TH. FS.GH-

A certificate of competency development or readiness of a pharmacist in pharmacy practice in a pharmacy

The Pharmacy Council, Thailand
Issued: Jan 2022
Credential ID: สภ.ขย. 30/2565

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Requirements

Department of Science Service
Issued: Jan 2023
Credential ID: 660601044

Telepharmacy Gen.1

The Pharmacy Council, Thailand
Issued: Jan 2023

Computer Art & Graphic Design

Internet and Design Institute
Issued: Oct 2016
Credential: ID 59-9008G

Certificate of GMP ASEAN (Herbal Products)

Thai FDA
Issued: November 2023

Telepharmacy Certificate

The Pharmacy Council, Thailand
Issued: 20 December 2023
Credential: 3255/2566

Certificate in Pharmacy (Drug Registration Document Management)

The Pharmacy Council, Thailand
Issued: 24 April 2024
Credential: 122/2567

Certificate of Membership in the Council of Science and Technology Professionals

Council of Science and Technology Professionals
Issued: 11 June 2024

Training and Seminar

Agilent: Recent regulatory updates and trends in pharmaceutical laboratory compliance (June 2014)
Agilent training : Creating report template EZChrome operation (June 2015)
Agilent: The Current of Dissolution Testing 2015 (June 2015)
TIPA: Trend of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry according to international standards (June 2015)
TIPA: Trend of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry according to international standards (June 2015)
RSU: The 2015 International Symposium on Wellness And Aromatherapy (July 2015)
PerkinElmer training : Advance FTIR Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance (August 2015)
Agilent training : LC 3D Data Analysis (October 2015)
Agilent training : LC Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Agilent Technologies (November 2015)
Agilent training : LC OpenLAB ChemStation Operation, Agilent Technologies (November 2015)
CPA: Effective strategies for the management of dementia and pain in elderly patients (December 2015)
TIPA: Cleaning Validation: Process Life Cycle Approach & Hot Topics (January 2016)
TIPA: Trend of Aseptic Processing Technology (May 2016)
TIPA : Control Charts and Process Capabilities + workshop (June 2016)
Mahidol: The 7th Academic Conference on Drug Registration (July 2017)
CPA: Pharmacology Update: What’s New for NCDs in Primary Care Practice? (January 2018)
CPA: GPP law with case studies of illegal pharmacy and pharmaceutical professional ethics (March 2018)
CPA: Innovation for the prevention and treatment of scars (March 2018)
CPA: Therapeutic Nutrition for Chronic Disease Management in Community Pharmacy (March 2018)
GPO-MBP : Utility System (March 2018)
TIPA: Data integrity: Practical and risk based approach (May 2018)
Shimadzu: Labsolution CS Network-The best solution for FDA 21CFR Part 11 (August 2018)
TIPA: Computerized System Compliance: Practical Computerised system validation (August 2018)
TIPA: Process validation: Updated approaches for non-sterile product (November 2018)
DCVMN : Sterile Pharmaceutical Products (October 2018)
TIPA: Cleaning validation: Comprehensive approach for medical products in share facilities (October 2018)
Domnick hunter: Standard of clean compressed air and water systems in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics (March 2019)
RAPAT: Study of Drug stability (May 2019)
TIPA: Facing the future (April 2019)
Chula:6th Conference on Drug Quality: Quality Week “Fundamentals behind Pharmaceutical Specification and Evaluation of Certificate of Analysis” (November 2019)
TIPA: Change control interesting aspects and best practices (January 2020)
TIPA: A practical approach to deviation / OOS management (February 2020)
BIOTEC : Biosafety and Biosecurity (July 2020)
TIPA: Elemental impurity analysis in pharmaceutical samples by ICP (July 2020)
TIPA: Handheld Raman Spectrometry (July 2020)
TIPA: Improve Pharmaceutical Dust Extraction comply with PIC/S GMP (July 2020)
TIPA: Regulatory updates : GMP/GDP (September 2020)
TIPA: Data Integrity :Understand principle and practice (October 2020)
TIPA: Improve our product quality review (November 2020)
FDA : Good Distribution Practice (Aug 2021)
TIPA: GDP: different approaches to complying transportation requirements (September 2021)
TIPA: Self Inspection: A Risk-based Approach (September 2021)
FDA: Regulatory Update 1st (January 2022)
Pharmacouncil: Development of quality of community pharmaceutical care in the new era (January 2022)
FDA: Regulatory Update 2nd (February 2022)
TIPA: Best practice to identify CQA and CPP in process validation (February 2022)
TIPA: Filter Validation and regulatory requirement in sterilizing filtration (February 2022)
NSTDA: Thai direction and the development of pharmaceutical API manufacturing industry (March 2022)
TIPA: Elemental impurities : The new regulatory compliance challenge in pharma and The breakthrough of the TOC analyzer in the pharmaceutical industry for validating cleaning (March 2022)
TIPA: Endotoxin control and clearance in pharma & biopharma manufacturing (March 2022)
TIPA: The Principle of Biosimilar: Characterization Matters (March 2022)
FDA: Meeting to clarify and enhance knowledge and understanding of the secondary law related to the renewal of the drug registration (April 2022)
PAT: GMP clearance for overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers (April 2022)
FDA: Regulatory Update 3rd (May 2022)
TIPA: Cell Therapy Manufacturing: Overview and GMP consideration (May 2022)
TIPA: High temperature HEPA filter : application and integrity test as Per EU GMP – Annex1-2022 (June 2022)
TIPA: Preservative and taste masking for liquid formulation (July 2022)
FDA: Workshop on criteria method and conditions for drug distribution (GDP) (Aug 2022)
DTAM: Quality Control of Thai Traditional Medicine (September 2022)
TIPA: Outsource Qualification (September 2022)
TIPA: Pharma QC Sterility Testing (October 2022)
PHDB: The 2nd Telepharmacy Academic Conference Project (December 2022)
DSS: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Requirements (January 2023)
FDA: Meeting to clarify guidelines for accepting electronic requests for medicines (January 2023)
Pharmacouncil: Telepharmacy service training course, Generation 1 (January 2023)
BDN: Member of proficiency testing plan for pharmaceutical quality control laboratories (January 2023)
FDA: Guidelines for submitting a request to amend the drug registration (February 2023)
TIPA: Decontamination, Cleaning, Sampling and Monitoring for Life Science Facilities (February 2023)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on February (February 2023)
PAT: Pharmacy moves forward, discussing solutions to resolve disputes (February 2023)
PAT: The role of the pharmacist in recommending products for tooth sensitivity (February 2023)
CPA: Fish Oil and Health: Fact or Myth (February 2023)
RAPAT: i-sub learning and sharing experience for submission (March 2023)
Annual General Meeting 2023 Regulatory Affairs Pharmacy Association (THAILAND) (March 2023)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on March (March 2023)
FDA: Developing drug distribution system of Importing Authorization Holder (March 2023)
FDA: Guidelines for GMP audits of Herbal products (March 2023)
RAPAT + PReMA + FDA: Preparation of patient information leaflets (PIL) (April 2023)
PAT: “How to adapt, not to fall in the trend of public health services” Annual Pharmaceutical Conference 2023 and Annual General Meeting 2022 (April 2023)
CPHI: Advertising and promotion of medicine and pharmaceutical products (April 2023)
FDA: Secondary legislation Herbal Products Act B.E. 2562 about (Draft) Announcement of the Division of Herbal Products on Guidelines for Submitting an Application for a Renewal of a Certificate of Market Authorization (April 2023)
FDA: Meeting to develop policy recommendations to support the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Herbal Products (April 2023)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on May (May 2023)
FDA: A meeting to clarify, promote understanding and listen to opinions on the draft guidelines for consideration of modern drug registration and the variation of pharmaceutical products. (May 2023)
DTAM: Using Thai traditional medicine for minor ailments in the pharmacy (May 2023)
CPHI: Microbiological quality control in the pharmaceutical industry (June 2023)
Pacific Healthcare: Properties and Benefits of Goat’s Milk for baby and everyone in the family (June 2023)
TIPA: Overview of the New Regulatory Guidance on Environmental Monitoring (June 2023)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on July (July 2023)
TIPA+TPMA+RAPAT+VetRA+TSMIA+PReMA+FDA: Academic conference on knowledge and understanding for entrepreneurs regarding the criteria for preparing documentation for the renewal of a drug registration certificate. (July 2023)
FDA: Conference on Guidelines for Inspecting Drug Registration Prior to Submitting an Application for the Renewal of a Drug Registration Certificate Expiring in the Year 2024. (July 2023)
CPHI: How does the international code contribute to the management of e-labelling (July 2023)
CPHI: Seminar “Risk management plan; RMP” (July 2023)
FDA: Meeting to clarify guidelines for verifying drug registration information before submitting an application for a renewal of a drug formula registration certificate that will expire in the year 2024 | for licensees who register modern drug for humans (July 2023)
FDA: Meeting to discuss the preparation of Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP) guidelines (July 2023)
CIPT: Short Course in Industrial Pharmacy Training Program; Specializing in Document Management for Drug Registration (Aug – Dec 2023)
FDA: Change Request System (Yor.5) – AUTO E-PERMISSION (Aug 2023)
TPMA: Training and understanding the process of submitting applications in Electronics format. (Aug 2023)
FDA: Meeting to clarify the renewal of drug registration and related announcements (October 2023)
RAPAT: Training to develop the potential of RA (October 2023)
FDA: Meeting to explain risk reduction from drug use, 1st session (vaginal suppositories) (November 2023)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on November (November 2023)
FDA: Discuss e-labelling (November 2023)
FDA: The principles, methods, and fundamental conditions of good manufacturing practices in the production of herbal products according to the Herbal Product Act of 2019 (GMP ASEAN). (November 2023)
FDA: Meeting to Explain Practices on Minor Variation Requests and RMP Guidelines (December 2023)
FDA: Meeting to explain risk reduction from drug use, 2nd session (vaginal suppositories) (December 2023)
FDA: Briefing on measures to reduce risks from drug use, Session 3 for Alimentary tract and metabolism and Dermatologicals drugs (December 2023)
RAPAT: GVP Thailand 2023 (comment to Thai FDA by 15 Jan.) (Jan 2024)
FDA: Meeting with entrepreneurs and public manual briefing session. (Jan 2024)
FDA: Training seminar to explain the system for submitting electronic applications for renewing drug registration. (Jan 2024)
TIPA: Introduction to biological products, regulatory requirements and currently registered biological products in Thailand (Feb 2024)
FDA: Electronic Submission of Renewal Application for Drug Registration Certificate Workshop (Feb 2024)
SU: The Conference on “Biopharmaceutical Research and Development: From Policy to Manufacturing Industry” (March 2024)
CU: Crash Course for Clinical Translation of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (March 2024)
FDA: Meeting to explain the guidelines for requesting a notification letter on the consideration of certifying production standards for overseas herbal product manufacturing facilities (GMP clearance) (March 2024)
CIPT: Short Course Training Program in Industrial Pharmacy; Certificate in Pharmacy (Validation) (April – Sep 2024)
FDA: Online briefing session, topics: 1.) Launch of the MiV system starting from April 2, 2024, 2.) Launch of the renewal system starting from April 2, 2024, 3.) Progress on revising the public manual for the Drug Bureau (April 2024)
TPMA: Discussion on the registration process and using the NDI website for uploading drug label documents (e-labeling). (April 2024)
FDA: Meeting to clarify the draft announcement regarding the certification of research sites for conducting phase one clinical trials. (April 2024)
FDA: The workshop on the development of the regulatory system for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) (April 2024)
FDA: Production of herbal products according to GMP PIC/S standards (April 2024)
FDA: A meeting to clarify guidelines for monitoring the contamination of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol in liquid drug products for children. (May 2024)
FDA: Meeting to clarify measures for high-risk drug groups: Sex hormones group (May 2024)
TSMIA: Meeting to explain and receive opinions on the regulations for the registration of low-risk medicines under the Drug Act B.E. 2510 (1967) (May 2024)
FDA: Meeting to clarify the topic of Pharmacovigilance Reporting for licensees authorized to manufacture, import, or order drugs into the Kingdom (June 2024)
TIPA: Reach HIGH STANDARDS on the determination of Extractables & Leachable (E&L) (June 2024)
TPMA: Sub-registration meeting on June (June 2024)

Other Training, Seminar or Lecture

Accesstrade: “Let’s Share” Sharing experience in doing Affiliate Marketing with Khun Pepper (June 2023)